Ruskie dumplings with basil pesto and crunchy topping

15 minutes


4-6 servings


Ruskie dumplings, smoked bacon, fresh basil


2-4 packages of Ruskie dumplings Konspol

4 slices of smoked bacon

50 g of dried tomatoes in olive oil

40 g walnuts (shelled)


1 pack of fresh basil

40 g walnuts or cashews (shelled)

1 clove of garlic

10 g grated parmesan

4-5 tablespoons of olive oil (from dried tomatoes)

salt, pepper


1 Prepare the pesto. Brown the nuts in a dry frying pan. Put: basil leaves, peeled garlic, olive oil, parmesan and nuts in the blender container. Mix everything until not very smooth. Season with salt and pepper.

2 Prepare the topping. Chop the nuts. Cut the bacon into cubes and brown in a pan with the nuts. Cut the drained tomatoes into cubes and mix with the bacon.

3 Prepare dumplings according to the recipe on the package and mix with some pesto. (put the remaining pesto into a jar and store in the fridge.) Put dumplings on plates or a platter and sprinkle with the prepared topping.