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We create our products with special attention to detail, so that our customers can be sure that by choosing Konspol products they will receive high quality products. To ensure high quality standards, we have strict quality control and food safety standards which are aligned with our carefully selected suppliers. At Konspol, we control the entire production process: from raw material, through to finished products, packaging and delivery to our customers. Product quality is controlled at every stage of our production.

Food Safety


We are constantly striving to improve our products, introduce innovative solutions and modern production technologies. We implement projects based on the global resources, consumer research and current nutritional trends provided by Cargill. We create products in our nutrition innovation center which are distinguished by great taste, carefully designed composition and reflecting the preferences of our consumers. Changing customer expectations and market trends are our driving force to create innovation.

Food Safety


Konspol combines over 40 years of experience with the agility and innovation to meet our customers growing expectations. Konspol is a company of people who are committed to their roles and their teams. The founder of Konspol was Mr. Kazimierz Pazgan - a visionary who made what seemed unreal become possible. In 1982, Konspol was established - a strategically important year, in cooperation with the Poultry Research and Development Center in Poznań, Konspol developed feed formulas for industrial poultry farming. This allowed Konspol, having its own feed, to restart poultry farming in Poland on an industrial scale in closed cooperative farms, slaughtering chickens in closed poultry factories and supplying chicken to national stores. Konspol has become a well-established brand in the Polish market, allowing the company to not only achieve a leading position among producers and processors, but become one of the European leaders in the industry.


We are proud of the awards and recognitions we have received for our products


We want our consumers, when reaching for our products, to be sure that they are receiving safe products of the highest quality. We select raw materials and components from certified and proven suppliers, who are regularly audited. All of our products are made in production plants in Słupca and Nowy Sącz, which have been equipped with the most modern production lines and operate in accordance with the Integrated Quality and Food Safety Management System, which are based on international standards - BRC Global Standard for Food Safety, as well as the IFS Food Standard . In Konspol, we have also introduced the QUIP – Quality Improvement Program, which aims to constantly raise the awareness to employees of Food Safety and Quality Culture.

Our Story

Kazimierz Pazgan - the founder of Konspol, was born in March 1948. At the age of 13, he made his debut in playing the trumpet in the regional orchestra in Kamionka Wielka. His first pay slip was made by playing the trumpet at country weddings. He gained his interest in business from this early age and developed it further throughout his studies.

In 1977, he built 3 henhouses in the paternity estate, the daily production amounted to approximately 30,000 eggs.

In 1982 he created the Konspol company from scratch. Konspol was the first company in post-war Poland established on the basis of the Commercial Code of 1934. Konspol was the first private company in Poland that dealt with meat processing and also the only meat processing plant in Poland at that time that had a worldwide export number. Over time, branded Konspol stores were established in Małopolska and Silesia and expanded through innovation in products and technology.

For years, Konspol has been a reliable business partner and one of the largest Polish food producers, constantly gaining the trust of consumers. Since 2019, Konspol has been part of the global company Cargill- a global supplier products and services for the agri-food industry. This move has given the Konspol brand visibility outside of Poland, Konspol is gaining recognition along with more and more customers.


Ethics & Compliance

Since 1865, when W.W. Cargill founded our company, Cargill has acted on the belief that doing the right thing sets the foundation for long-term success. This rich legacy has sustained us for nearly 150 years. Today, as a global leader in nourishing people, we remain just as committed to this belief. Our customers, shareholders, employees and communities count on us to uphold this commitment and we know that Cargill’s continued success depends on it. We achieve this by following our Code of Conduct, enabling our suppliers to follow our Supplier Code of Conduct and providing a way to report a concern through our Ethics Open Line.

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