Pumpkin soup with chicken

40 minutes


4 Servings


Chicken breast fillet, peeled pumpkin, carrots, potatoes


1 chicken breast fillet Konspol Kurczak Wielkopolski

500g of peeled pumpkin (preferably hokkaido)

2 carrots

1 onion

2 large potatoes

salt, pepper, turmeric

1 clove of garlic

hot pepper

1 tablespoon of butter

50 ml cream 30%



1 Peel the pumpkin, remove the inside with the stones, dice it and weigh about 500g. Peel the carrots, onions and potatoes. Put the chicken breast, carrots and potatoes into the pot, pour water over the meat and vegetables (approx. 1 liter). Cook with a pinch of salt for about 20 minutes. When the meat is soft, take it out of the pot, put the pumpkin in its place and continue cooking until the pumpkin begins to fall apart.

2 Meanwhile, dice the onion, add finely chopped garlic and grated ginger, fry in butter. Add to the pumpkin with vegetables and bring to a boil, then blend into cream. If the soup is too thick, add a little water and season with salt, pepper, turmeric. Dice the cooked chicken. Roast the pumpkin seeds in a dry frying pan.

3 Serve the blended soup with a little cream, chopped chicken and chopped pumpkin seeds. Before serving, sprinkle with hot pepper and thyme.