Taco with chicken nuggets

20 minutes


4 Servings


Chicken Nuggets Konspol, Taco, Sweet Pepper


1 packaging of Chicken Nuggets Konspol 240 g

4 Taco’s (fried corn pancakes)

a mix of lettuces

salsa :

1 small jalapeno pepper

1 small sweet pepper

2 tomatoes

1 clove of garlic

1 teaspoon of olive oil


sauce :

200 g of thick natural yogurt

1 tablespoon of lime juice



1 To prepare the sauce. Heat the olive oil in a frying pan.

2 Mix the natural yogurt with lime juice and chopped or dried coriander. Set aside in the fridge for a while.

3 Prepare the salsa. Remove the seeds from the inside of the peppers and tomatoes and cut them into large cubes.

4 Fry in a dry frying pan, with the garlic. When the vegetables start to burn a little, add olive oil and fry for a while to soften. Remove from the pan and season with salt.

5 Fry the nuggets in oil according to packaging instructions. Preheat the tacos in an oven or microwave.

6 Put a handful of lettuce and a spoonful of salsa in each taco. Put the fried nuggets on it and pour the sauce over it. Serve right away.