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A modern and optimal solution for a quick and tasty meal. We offer delicious, ready-made Burgers for various occasions.

Pork hamburger in a bun

There is nothing better than a double hamburger in a perfect roll. And when we add pork chops and slices of excellent yellow cheese, we have the perfect combination! It is a simple and quick snack that you can reach for anytime and anywhere

Packaging: MAP

Weight: 280 g `

EN Code: 5900962080216

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Pork cheeseburger

Perfectly fried pork chop, with the addition of aromatic Gouda cheese and a delicate sesame roll that completes the taste of our cheeseburger. It is a quick and tasty snack that you can eat anytime and anywhere. It can be prepared easily and quickly

Packaging: MAP

Weight: 320 g `

EN Code: 5900962021301

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Poultry cheeseburger

Delicious, delicate poultry cutlet with delicious, aromatic Gouda cheese in a roll is a classic among burgers. If you want a quick and tasty snack, we definitely recommend our poultry cheeseburger. We also include 2 sachets of ketchup in the package

Packaging: MAP

Weight: 320 g `

EN Code: 5900962021318

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Chicken Duo

You don't have time to reach for something filling in the middle of the day? Do you love breaded chicken, but you can't make it yourself? Then our Chicken Duo double sandwich is perfect for you! You can reach Chicken Duo everywhere: at school, at the university, at work, on the way to an important meeting - that is, wherever you need to eat quickly and to your heart's content. See for yourself that this is the best solution for a simple snack!

Packaging: MAP

Weight: 270 g `

EN Code: 5900962025170

Cool chicken

A juicy chicken cutlet in crispy breadcrumbs, a delicious slice of cheese and a delicate bun is a simple but tasty snack, easy and quick to prepare. Cool chicken for lunch, school, on a trip, on the go - perfect for a variety of occasions

Packaging: Flowpack

Weight: 132 g `

EN Code: 5900962030990

Beef burger in a bun

A juicy burger with high quality beef meat, carefully selected spices are the secret of excellent taste. Make a delicious roll and you are ready for a quick snack

Packaging: MAP

Weight: 170 g `

EN Code: 5900962024319

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